Rhino Droppings E Cig Reviews

My name is Ron Cooper and yes I’m a smoker…

Smoking has been considered as one of oldest human practices.  And it’s one that I personally love.

It’s my one vice if you will.

Its dates back to thousand of years back. With no factory prepared cigarette available back in day, smokers would dry leaves of specific plants or any other form that would satisfy their nicotine need.

Over time this and with industrialization, cigarette manufacturing plants have been set up across the world and they generate millions of cigarette sticks to satisfy their clients’ needs.

With technological advancements, there now exists electronic cigarettes.

And now that’s all I smoke which is what brought about this site – I’m taking my passion and giving you the latest reviews, and money saving tips.

Got an ecig you would like to see me review?  Simple send me a request by going here

- Ron Cooper